About Us

Welcome to Car Bike Trend! As the name suggests, we are a bunch of automotive enthusiasts, bringing to our readers the quickest, accurate, and latest information about all-things-automobile. Based out of India, the members of our team hail from all walks of life and multiple educational backgrounds. What we have in common is our hunger for the latest cars, bikes, and automotive brands. 

With a presence on multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, our singular aim is to bring to you information that adds value to your life. We keep a keen eye on the latest happenings of the automotive industry and bring to you small capsules of information—so that you don’t face any hassle during your purchase process. 

Our Aim

  • To become the most credible source of information when it comes to the automotive sector in India
  • To provide you with relevant content that is factual and reliable
  • To aid you in decision making while you are in the purchase process

Our Vision 

  • Our mission is to build a strong community of fellow car and bike enthusiasts 
  • We strive to publish all the latest and quickest information about the automobile sector in India 
  • To create a one-stop destination for all automotive related information

Our Content 

Each of our pieces of content is so designed that it adds value to the reader. Additionally, we strive that every article or blog is well-structured and contains all relevant information about the subject. From the variant of the model, price, engine details, and mileage, to the interiors and exteriors of the automobile, we imbibe every minute detail in our write-ups. We publish content that includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, articles, infographics, and featured articles. Apart from factual information, we also provide dedicated reviews of all cars and bikes, to further aid you in decision making. Through all these forms of content, we aim to provide you with a clear and complete picture of the product, along with a subjective verdict from a credible source. 

Our Writers

For writing our content we have carefully selected an expert team that specializes in the automotive sector. For the segment of both cars and bikes, we have unique teams with considerable experience among them. Hence, you can be assured of quality content that comes from experienced individuals. We also have tie-ups with testing agencies, industry leaders, and manufacturers to make sure that all the content that comes to you is credible and reliable. We are also constantly on the lookout for adding fresh-blood in the organization, to get insights from the minds of all generations. From fresh engineering graduates to industry professionals, we are constantly looking to expand our team of writers. 

Our Website

The Car Bike Trend website has been designed by an experienced team of developers. It is a portal that anyone can navigate easily. Additionally, each content piece is optimized for both laptop and mobile, so that you can read our content anywhere, on any device, and at any time. The website is as lightweight as it could be so that there is no added burden on your internet connection.