Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy at Car Bike Trend

If you are passionate about the automotive industry, join the league. We at Car Bike Trend are a bunch of enthusiasts keeping an eye on the latest news related to cars, bikes, automobile companies, brands, and much more. Our team comes from all walks of life and multiple educational backgrounds, but what unites us is a common passion for all-things-automobile. If you have a knack for the same, if half of your mind is perpetually occupied with automobiles, we have a platform for you.

However, along with the thrill of it all, we too have certain standards in place, to keep all our information as authentic and original as possible. Mentioned below are some impertinent journalistic standards that you must take care of while writing for us. You will enter into a contract with us before you begin your journey at Car Bike Trend, and in case of any disparity in the content, your article could be rejected by us. So, go through these carefully.

  1. Originality of the content piece: We expect that the articles that you provide to us should be 100% original. They should pass any plagiarism check. None of the articles should be a copy of an existing article or be paraphrased from an existing article. Also, you must provide us with content that has not been published anywhere else. You cannot use an article that has been published with us for some other website, and neither can you send us an article that you have already published elsewhere.
  2. Accuracy of all facts, data and figures: We at Car Bike Trend aim to provide our users with information that is true to the best of our knowledge, and we expect the same from you while writing for us. Make sure that all the facts, figures, data, and claims in your article are verified from credible sources. At our end, we re-check the facts that are added by our writers to assure that the information holds true and will not misinform our readers. If you add any facts to your writing piece, make sure that you attach relevant links and sources to it. If any source seems to be not-credible, avoid using it. Your article could also be rejected based on false information.
  3. Value to the readers: If there is one thing that we kept in mind while starting Car Bike Trend, it was that we want to publish content that adds value to our readers. Hence, every piece of writing should have a uniform objective and should seek to add value to the reader, as well as be useful for them. After they are done reading the article, the reader should take something away from it. All the information should be latest and non-repetitive in nature, while also being factual. Please refrain from promoting any third party in your article including any individual persons or companies. Every concept in your article should be so explained that novices could also get a grasp of it. Additionally, the headlines and sub-headlines of the articles should be self-explanatory and straightforward.
  4. Language of the content piece: Keep the target audience in mind while structuring and writing your articles. The language of the articles should be such that it can be easily comprehended by the readers, and it should be to-the-point. Make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your content piece. Do run a grammar check on your content before submission. Also, the language should not be offensive to any person, group, or company. The use of derogatory language will not be tolerated by us.
  5. Promotion and arketing policy: As mentioned before, your article should be free from bias, and that includes that it should not contain information that is meant for promotional purposes. Any third party, including individual persons, groups, or companies, should not be promoted in the article. We strongly discourage the use of promotional/marketing links in our articles.
  6. Article acceptance policy: Once you have submitted the article, its acceptance would be discretionary to the editorial board. Non-adherence to any of the above-mentioned rules could lead to rejection. If your piece is accepted for publishing at Car Bike Trend, you will be informed of the same. These rules are binding to all writers who wish to be associated with us.