Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Car Bike Trend

Given below is the privacy policy that is in place at Car Bike Trend. This relates to the way we collect and use the information of the users of our website (here “users” refer to visitors of the website.) Read below for the detailed privacy policy:  

What Identification Information do we collect? 

When a user engages with our site, in the manner of, visiting the website, subscribing to our email list, entering details in a form, registering for something or uses our services that include, but are not limited to, consuming content, clicking on links, or contacting us, we may collect personal identification information of the user. 

You may also be asked for information such as your name, email address, phone number, or other details, which you may choose to disclose or not. No identification information will be collected if it is not voluntarily provided by the user of the website. You can choose to not provide information if you do not feel comfortable, and will still be able to use the website, except in case of some features which might not be available. Hence, you can also choose to interact with the website anonymously. 

What Non-Personal Identification Information do we collect? 

Information such as the browser that you are using, your device (mobile or personal computer) model, and other technical information including but not limited to the operating system and internet service provider may be collected by us. This is only collected when you engage with the website in the terms mentioned above. 

Web Browser Cookies and Advertising Policy 

Cookies may collect cookies to provide you with better user experience. Cookies are data that is stored on your computer by the web browser. Cookies are used so that each page that you interact with is not an isolated event, but is rather supported by your browsing history to bring to you relevant information. If you wish, you can choose to refuse cookies. But in some cases, without Cookies, the website might not function properly. 

Cookies and Advertisements 

The advertisements that appear on our website are provided by advertisers, who may set cookies. When you choose to share cookies, the data is also used to provide you with ads that most suit your preferences. Depending on the website/products that you engage with, you might be shown targeted advertisements. These targeted advertisements bring you relevant information that might be of use to you. The privacy policy of Car Bike Trend does not cover the use of cookies by any third-party advertiser. 

Google AdSense Advertising Policy

Some number of advertisements that are shown on our website or outside may be provided by Google itself. Google makes use of DART cookies to provide the user with relevant and targeted advertisements. These advertisements may be based on your internet browsing activities and your engagement with our website or websites outside us.  DART also does not collect or track any personal identification information of the user such as their name, contact information, address of residence, etc. Additionally, you can also opt-out of the use of DART cookies by visiting Google Ad. 

How do we use the collected data? 

The above-mentioned information may be used by Car Bike Trend for the following purposes: 

  • To personalize and enhance user experience: We may use the information collected by us to study user behavior and how they engage with our website. This may be used by us to better our website and customize it for you. 
  • To make our website better: We may study the way groups of users interact with our website to reach conclusions, that we may use to better our website. 
  • For email outreach: If you choose to provide us with your contact information such as mobile number or email address, we may use it to send periodic emails to keep you in the loop with all the latest news. 
  • Advertisements: As mentioned above, the data might be used to provide you with relevant and targeted advertisements or promotional material. 

Our data protection and sharing policy

We make sure at our end that all the data that you provide us with is stored securely and is protected against theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. All your data, from name and passwords, to contact information, is in safe hands and will be protected against a breach. 

Additionally, we don’t share, sell, or trade any information that you provide us with, to a third party. We might share an integrated data (such as demographic information) of a group with our advertisers and affiliates, but this does not include any individual or private information. Hence, all your data will be safe with us. 

Policy Regarding Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites that are not related to Car Bike Trend, may feature our content on them. You might across advisements of Car Bike Trend or links to our content on other websites. We do not have control over their content, and are not responsible for their privacy policy, neither can we be held accountable for their practices. Hence, any interaction with these websites (that may or may not have links to our website) are governed by their own terms and conditions.

Changes to this privacy policy

Car Bike Trend has complete autonomy to introduce new elements or alter the privacy policy. In case of any changes to the privacy policy of the website, a notification will be issued on the main page of the site. It is the responsibility of the user to visit this frequently to stay updated with all the terms and conditions. 

Accepting this privacy policy 

By using and engaging with the website, you agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions. However, if you have an issue with the privacy policy that is in-place at Car Bike Trend, you may discontinue using the website. Additionally, if there are any changes to the privacy policy and you continue to use the website (having read them, or without having read them) you automatically agree to the changes. 

Contact Us 

In case you have a query regarding the above-mentioned privacy policy, you may contact us.