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Terms and Conditions of Car Bike Trend

Use of Our Content 

The writers who are employed at Car Bike Trend have been provided with editorial guidelines that they must strictly adhere to, and we, the management, strives to make sure that all the articles, stories, blogs, features, etc. on the website are 

  • Accurate 
  • Updated and 
  • Useful

However, any third-party content that has been linked to our website is not our responsibility. We cannot vouch for its accuracy or reliability, and neither can we account for their privacy policy. 

Car Bike Trend aims to provide its readers with the latest news and updates about the automotive sector, car and bike brands, and other related news. We have carefully selected a team of writers who have specialized knowledge in the same industry and our writers also have editorial freedom. However, we do not advise the readers of our website to take our articles/news/blogs to be taken as a reference while making a decision. The content on the website is purely for information purposes. 

We do not make any guarantees or warranties that the information that is available on the website is complete, reliable, accurate, bias-free, authentic, and/or suitable. All the information about the products, services, brands, companies, people, on the website, or any graphic content is also not assured to be complete, reliable, accurate, bias-free, authentic, and/or suitable. We also do not give any warranty as to uninterrupted or seamless user interaction with the website. However, we do try our level best to make sure that all information is useful, accurate, and reliable. 

Hence, if you take any decision that is guided by our content, it is solely your responsibility and Car Bike Trend cannot be held accountable. Reliance on any information that is provided by us is therefore at your own risk. 

By using and interacting with the website, you agree to the terms and conditions of Car Bike Trend. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the website, or our privacy policy, you may discontinue the use of the website. 


In case there is a violation of the user agreement by you or by any third party due to any reason, you agree to hold Car Bike Trend, its employees, management, writers, and directors harmless from any claims, costs, damages, losses, expenses, or any other liabilities that include but are not limited to the cost of hiring a lawyer and paperwork costs. Our affiliates, advertising partners, business partners, directors, employees, and writers, are also free from any and every claim and damages which may be known or unknown, disclosed or undisclosed, and arise in any way out of Car Bike Trend. 

Additionally, you will also not be held responsible for any losses, expenses, or damages that arise out of this agreement, or for your use of Car Bike Trend. 

Any claim or dispute between you and us arising out of or relating to this user agreement, in whole or in part, shall be governed by the laws of the government of India.