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Bentley to change all there to EV within a decade

Bentley the well known British automobile manufacturer is opting for a total switch to their combustion engine to electric engine by the year 2025. This total change to electric engine is the new plan of the ‘beyond 100’ business plan of Bentley. In this new strategy of beyond 100 the prime focus of the company is to take the growing environmental pollution due to the rising number of car in the road. With this new plan of a complete switch to fully electronic automobile Bentley is surely giving some major goals in protecting the environment. According to the statement made by the boss of Bentley Adrian Hallmark Bentley has defined the luxury grand touring since 1919 and the original Bentley boys were pioneers and leader, he all mentioned the beyond 100 plan and stated that they will continue to lead by reinventing the brand and become a benchmark to the world in luxury car business. On the issue of switching to fully electric engine hallmark commented that the most important thing is just not to make electric cars but to make Bentleys and to take 100 years of Bentley DNA and put it in modern context.

Bentley to change all there to EV within a decade

Bentleys Commitments and transition to EVs by 2030

  • By 2021 Bentley will be launching two models equipped in plug in hybrids.
  • Another models expected to launch in 2021 but still not confirmed is the Bentley Flying Spur PHEV, will come in power train featured from Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid model.
  • Bentley also made commitment to only launch plug in hybrids and fully electric models in the market by 2026.
  • Finally the vision is to make Bentley a fully electric brand by 2030. Also the date is similar to the earliest date set by the UK government to fully ban all the sale of combustion engine cars.
  • According to the previous news the company’s very first EV models will be a crossover sedan that is between a Traditional car and SUV. Although there is no details known yet, but during an event of beyond 100 Bentleys engineer Mattias Rabe stated that the car will be build on a totally new platform and also likely to be an electric- only version of architecture developed by the Porsche and Audi sister firm of Bentley.
  • The company already revealed about their cars electric motor that will range from 811 hp to 1,359 hp that will depend on the spec of the car.
  • Bentley will also become the first company to launch 2025 EV models with carbon neutral capacity in it.
  • Although the number of electric car Bentley plans to launch other than the initial cars but engineer Rabe confirmed that work is going on a whole family of electric cars.

Another big part of beyond 100 plans is to make all the Bentley cars fully carbon neutral organization along with the switch to electric motors. As already Bentley is the only brand to have a carbon neutral factory in UK, the company has also targeted to make the firm more climate friendly and plastic neutral as a precautionary measure for our environment.

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