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Every details we have to know about Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, Review Price, Interior

Jeep is again on the top of the launch list when it comes to manufacturing the some of the best off road cars in the market. The all new Wrangler Rubicon 392 is the new big production by the Jeep engineers. Not only this car grabbed interest of people because of its fantastic off road features and very powerful engine but also in the 34 year off- road history of Jeep for the first time this car gets a Hemi V8 engine and also claimed to be the fastest wrangler model ever made by the company. If we have the spirit of a wanderer who inside us who is seeking for an adventurous ride in the most exotic places lead by rough roads this is the car we are looking for. Also the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 can be considered as a novelty in its class as it is the combined result of two American icon in one piece. So, it is not heard to imagine that many buyers will be interested in this fabulous car.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

Engine and power

  • The number of the model gives us clear idea about the capacity of the engine. Which is measured in cubic inches that is 4×4 uses 6.4 litre engine.
  • The car also claimed to reach the speed of 0-100 kph in just 4.45 second time which is the same configuration with the Mercedes AMG G63 which is more costly than the Wrangler.
  • The car will get an 8 speed automatic gearbox without any option of manual gearbox.
  • Also the most interesting fact about this car is that the Rubicon 392 can reach a quarter-mile within 13.0 second time limit. Thus making this car one of the fastest model of Wrangler.

Off- road features

  • As claimed earlier in this article this car gets a boost in off- road features. There is a standard 51mm lift kit available in the car with a slight modification in the departure angle over standard models. This kit is basically fulfil many requirement during off road driving offering better road clearance and smooth riding experience even in a tougher terrain.
  • The car can also be driven through 830mm deep water bodies because of the air induction system which helps in wading of 68 litres water per minute from the engine.
  • The car also gets a special off road mode which can be switched to. Other than this the car is also equipped with features like upgrades frame rails, monotube dumper made of fox aluminum, upper control arm or heavy duty excel etc.

Visual changes

  • The main noticeable changes is the new bonnet which comes with an air scoop with it.
  • The interior comes with aluminum wheel mountain shift paddles and also there is bronze trims elements.

There is no update about the launch of this model in India. But there is a production series of Rubicon 392 in the US. Although the price is still unknown but it is expected to cost around 52 lakh in the US market.

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