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Kia Carnival: Redefining Opulence

American Carmaker Kia motors have achieved a great amount of demand for their automobiles around the world. The company is specifically known for their SUV’s and Sedan cars. People from around the globe consider buying a Kia product to be part of owning luxury in their parking. With India, being one of the largest car markets, Kia finally decided to give it a shot and holding the competing companies by their horns. To penetrate the Indian market, Kia came up with their best-selling vehicles upfront i.e Kia Seltos and the Kia Carnival.

Kia Carnival specifically has been one of the topmost vehicles for the company, falling under the price bracket of 25 to 35 Lakh, Kia Carnival comes with a seating option of 6-9 seater vehicle, Offering panoramic sunroof, incredible seating space, well-cushioned seats, and amazing driving experience.

KIa Carnival

Materialistically speaking, Kia Carnival is built-up with a strong steel structure, combined with high-end steel and powerful adhesives to provide additional safety and lower the risk of damage in case of a crash.

Kia Carnival is looking to compete with the market leaders Toyota, Mercedez, and a lot more. The car is acclaimed to be a well-equipped MPV offering feature like three zoned Climate Control, BS6 Compliant engine with 200PS of power and 440Nm of torque and comes mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox, 10.1 Inch touch screen entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and Apple car play.

Talking about the design of the vehicle, Carnival comes with an aerodynamic finish, Led positioned headlamps, halogen taillights, and inbuilt fog lamps too. Upgrading technology and Building innovation have always been the USP of the Kia cars trying to take forward the lineage Kia Carnival comes with advanced button options all around the car. Apart from the number of stupendous features inside the car, UVO is the latest feature to be provided in the Kia Carnival. UVO allows the passenger to connect and control the entire car from their laptop or smartwatch, even when they are mobile.

The car comes with a push-button start and stops ignition system, power sliding doors that comes along with just the pressing of a switch, smart tailgate system that opens without touching any buttons just goes through the use of sensors.

Driving an MPV looks to be a difficult job to be done, which is the reason why there is some extra care that is being taken care of in the Kia Carnival. Safety being the prime specification while the development of this car, Carnival comes with Front and Rear parking sensors for parking assistance, Blind Spot warning signals just to aware the driver about the catching up vehicles, Rear View Camera for a wide vision for parking, and Traffic Collision Warning signals while driving in the rear direction. Electronic Stability System is one such additional feature of Kia Carnival, which provides additional assistance in the case of emergency braking eliminating the risk of toppling over of the vehicle.

Kia Carnival comes alongside Airbags, ensuring safety to the front and the rear passengers. Adding onto these, Carnival comes alongside Electronic Stability Control with a hill assist system to ease out the whole driving experience in rocky and mountain terrains. Hill assist feature of the vehicle keeps the body intact and the vehicle in a static position while going uphill, from rolling back.

Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival is supported to be a complete package for enthralling the entire sensory organs of the human body. Its 25.65cm (10.1”) Touchscreen Entertainment System on the rear seats makes you feel like you are in one of your bedrooms or living rooms enjoying another weekend and getting a staycation along with the scenic beauty of the country. The rear AC vents and spacious seating in the car, provide you with an extravagant experience, lingering the sweet sense, making you never step out of the vehicle.



Seating in the Kia Carnival is next to feeling royalty like a home or a 5-star hotel, with leather seats and a reclined rear seats with leg support and armrest. The car is also equipped with an Air Purifier, keeping the dust pollutants out of the car providing a better breathing experience inside the car. With an automatic climate control system, and an inbuilt air purifier comes along with an tri-zone system to maintain the temperature suiting everyone alongside the journey.

Trying to find a car with impeccable specifications, additional safety features, a high-end entertainment system, comfortable seating experience, extravagant space between the front and the rear seats, Kia Carnival is the car for you.


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