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Odysse Launches New Line of Electric Bikes & Scooters

In response to the Indian Government’s vision to promote and foster the adaptation of electric mobility in the country, Odysse Electric Vehicles Pvt.Ltd. announced the launch of their new line of electric bikes and scooters. The company originally started operations on March’2020, but had to suspend operations due to the subsequent national lockdown. However, Odysse is now ready to enter the market again with its wide list of scooters and bikes and recently opened its new dealership in Mumbai. Currently is selling six products: The Racer, The Racer Lite, The Hawk, The Hawk Lite, The Hawk+ and The Evoqis.

Odysse electric bike

Odysse EV offers a wide price range which starts from INR 59,500 and goes all the way up to INR 98,500. The Evoqis motorcycle valued at INR 1.5 Lakh which gets a 3KW lithium-ion battery with a top speed of 80Kmph. The Odysse Racer receives a 1.2KW electric motor which generates 45Kmph top speed with 70Km range on a single charge. The Hawk+ gets 170Km on a single charge which is available with a plethora of astounding features like Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable levers, music system and cruise control. The portable batteries of these e-scooters take around 3.5-4 hours to fully charge.

The company has said that under the Fem-2 scheme of the Central Government, customers are also being given tax redemption. The booking of beautifully designed e-bike Evoqis can be done for just INR 1,999 on company’s website or through dealerships. Customers who book Evoqis till April’s end will get and discount of INR 5000. These e-scooters are reliable, lightweight, slick in shape and carefully crafted to the ease of use of the rider. They are an economical choice since they allow remarkable savings per kilometre while adhering to zero emission standards.

Odysse e-scooters ensure a smooth driving experience along with easy charging options to ensure customer satisfaction. All the models have the latest feature and avail a very lucrative offering providing style, practicality and performance with zero negative effects on ecosystem. The odyssey EV scooters and bikes are the perfect match for people who want to switch to zero carbon emission. Options are ranging from economical e-scooters to premium performance-oriented sports bike, so customers of all status have a variety of choice to pick. While the better portion of the developed world is desperately trying to switch to electric vehicles, this effort of electric bike and scooters from Odysse no doubt deserves applause. Odysse EV is a part of Vora Group of Companies which has varied line of business mainly being into automobile-based products along with construction, measuring instruments and home automation.

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