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Real-world performance of MG ZS EV tested and here are some exclusive insights

Long range EVs have been in the market for quite some time and as soon as the latest addition to the range- the MG ZS EV launched, we have put its calibre to test in the real-world and have some exclusive and useful insights for you. The cost of the EV range is between INR 14 lakhs to 24 Lakhs and these robust cars are definitely budget friendly when you compare the features and specifications you are getting for this price. In this post we will be providing a breakdown of how the car has performed from some major perspectives like the acceleration, braking, and range.



The acceleration is tested against the IC-V counterparts in similar model to give a realistic comparison. It has been observed that the EV acceleration is smoother and faster compared to the IC-V counterparts. The in-gear acceleration of the EV is particularly good and you do not have to wait for the downshift. To reach from 0-100km the EV require approximately 8.36sec which is much lower than Hyundai Creta Petrol Turbo AT and Jeep Compass Petrol Turbo AT. Only the BMW X1 Diesel proved to be slightly superior with 7.99sec time for this acceleration. To reach 20-80Km, the car needs approximately 4.56 sec, which is definitely great and evidence to the power-pumped capacity of this specific model. Overall it can be said for a compact SUV, the MG ZS EV is definitely very quick.


A smooth and prompt braking system is definitely important, especially on the Indian roads and hence, this is one aspect that has to be tested thoroughly to judge the car’s capability. A car with such a high and fast acceleration power requires a strong braking system for safety issues, especially if you are driving in a congested area. From 100-0km the braking is 40.49 m and 80-0 it is 25.09m. Again, the car gave an impressive value, thanks to its Michelin Primacy 215/50 R17 tyres which can brake with brute force. In terms of comparative analysis, the performance was slightly less than the Hyundai Creta but the difference is almost negligible. The break of the MG ZS EV does not apply in a linear manner and especially while driving in city roads and congested area it can lead to significant jerking. However, this very characteristic make the braking very suitable to tackle emergency situations.


Range is the mileage which is calculated kilometer travelled in every litre of the fuel for IC engines. For electric vehicles the same converts to kilometer travelled by kWh of the batter charge. The ZS EV has a 44.5 kWh battery. Also remember that the figures differ based on whether it is driven in the city of the highway. The mileage claimed by the brand for this model is 7.64 Km/kWh and range is 340 Km. however, on real-world road testing, it gave a mileage around 7.58 Km/kWh in cities and 6.12 Km/kWh in highways. The range was 337.31km in cities and 272.34Km in highways.

Overall it can be concluded that the performance as a whole was quite impressive.

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