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The fastest Bentley bentayga is about to unveil its speed, Check Review, Features

If you are passionate about cars and love to speed up, the new Bentley will be the perfect choice for you. The creator of this car Bentley motor limited is a British automobile manufacturer who exclusively design SUVs and luxury cars tied up to the Volkswagen group from year 1998. The history of the Bentley group goes ways back in the year 1919 founded for the first time by H.M. Bentley. Now that they have walked this long road to making some fantastic car another one is about to be revealed very soon. The new Bentley bentayga model is updated from the last one and the main highlight of this brand new bentayga is its speed. Yes you have heard it right the new bentayga is going to be the fastest SUVSs in the world and the speed will be revealed by the next week that is August 12.

bentley bentayga

What is new in the latest Bentley bentayga car?

As we already know the speed of this model is supposed to be fastest among the other SUVs which is yet to be revealed by August 12 but there are some more feature which makes this car that much special than the normal Bentayga.

  • From the picture revealed a few days back we can see that it come with a emphasized dark –tint headlight, a side skirt in the colour of the car and a tailgate spoiler all this feature emphasize on the reliability of the SUVs.
  • The wheel is 22 inch in size which is a unique and can be found with three kinds of finishes with speed signature badging.
  • In the interior of the SUVs there are newly designed swoosh’s that is a new addition compared to the diamond quilting in the other models. This design is crafted on the door grabs, on seat cushions rim, and the back support of the seats.
  • For the first time alcantara material is in a model of bentayga.
  • There is also a tread plate signature and speed illuminator for a safe and sound drive in the road.
  • It is also equipped with a 48V system get utilised by the world first roll control technology. This system neutralized the lateral rolling force and give maximum tyre contact to ensure stability, comfort and handling it safely.

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Common features shared by the old and new version of the Bentley bentayga car

Although the overall features are updated in the latest version of the bentayga cars there are few parts that remain unchanged.

  • For both the versions of the bentayga it all has dynamic modes with eight drives and a differential electronic lock in it.
  • Personalizing the speed limit of your choice with ranges of exclusive options is still up to the customers.
  • 22 ways adjusting the front sit, carbon ceramic brakes, fascia panels of fibres, self massaging seat are all part of the personalized range.

We can expect to see this car in India by 2021 and it is one of the most anticipated launch for the next year.

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