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A closer look on the all new Hyundai Tucson Plug- in Hybrid car

With the new ongoing trend of gradually electrifying every car in the coming years Hyundai has really planned come up with new ideas and launches for this revolutionary change. Based on the third generation 1.6 litre T-GDI smart stream engine Hyundai is one of the brand which is offering the widest range of new electrified power train models in the market. The latest creation will be the Hyundai Tucson one of the widely anticipated car which will make its debuted in the European market in spring 2021 for the very first time.

Hyundai Tucson Plug- in Hybrid car

Features of the all new Hyundai Tucson car

Inside the hood of the car

  • Hyundai claims that the Tucson comes with a powerful power train option the car comes with a 66.9 kW electric motor with the peak torque rate of 304Nm and a 13.8 k lithium polymer battery.
  • When the engine runs with the combined force of the gasoline engine and electric motors its produces 258 bhp and 350 Nm peak torque.
  • The engine gets paired with the 6 speed gearbox with automatic transmission.
  • Another special features available in this car is its special active air flap that adjust the air intake of the car depending of the temperature of the car, speed and checking on the other detail. This mode helps in minimal air resistance and maximum fuel efficiency to run the hybrid power train engine to its fullest.
  • The car comes with the feature of 7.2 kW on board charger option that can be used in charging on a home wall box or an EV charging station.
  • Although the car has a switch to change the mode to drive the car in the electric mode alone but while driving in low speed the car automatically runs in all electric mode with no fuel consumption.

Driving modes of the car

  • The car offer total four different wheel drive option as a standard to all the Tucson Hybrid models.
  • This mode includes a Terrain Mode which is used best while driving off road or in terrain land. This mode will help in adjusting the torque, hp according to the challenges of the rugged road one will drive at that time.
  • The ECS or the electrically control suspension helps in increasing the driving comfort and performance of the car and the ECS can be controlled by switching to the sports or Eco mode of the car.

Exterior and interior features of the car

The exterior of the car will come in new upgraded design with a modern fresh look on it. Also the signature parametric light hidden in the car makes it that much attractive. The main highlight in the cabinet in the interior is the 10.25 AVN display with Hyundai blue link connection. This features helps in keeping us updated on the battery charge level which is very useful to keep tab on.

Hyundai Tucson Plug- in Hybrid car

Security features

Other than this the car also posses all the necessary safety features like the Highway driving assist (HDA),Remote smart parking assist(RSPA) or multiple airbags and many more.

As this car is a combination of both fuel and electric power and will cause very less fuel consumption and fulfil the criteria of an environment friendly vehicle. This concept is getting adapted by many automobile companies and the dream of total electrifying of car in the near future and cutting off the fuel engine totally is not very far.

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