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All about the first ever GMC HummerEV- Best luxury cars in UAE

As fully electric models from different brands have started to flood the automobile market, GMC has come up with their first ever electric model- the HummerEV. It is one of their first ventures to compete in this new segment. The car is designed to rival the likes of Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian Truck which is backed by the Amazon Snapper group and Ford-F-Series EV. All these upcoming cars in UAE definitely are going to pose a major competition to the HummerEv and the company has to come up with extra alluring features to stand apart from the rest.

GMC Hummer EV

The car was original scheduled to debut in May but was delayed by the Pandemic that hit the entire world. However, the all-new EV SUV is set to be launched with numerous features that are yet to be unveiled. Through a teaser, the American Brand has revealed that the pickup of the car will be based on a technology inspired by running crabs which is called the crab mode. The pickup features were scheduled to be released in October, 2020. This specific feature will allow the car to maneavor in diagonal direction as well.

The upcoming Hummer is going to have three different motor configurations and the top variant will be capable of producing over 1000hp. It will be able to accelerate from 0-100km in approximately 3 seconds. This can give a tough competition to the Tesla Cybertruck.

The company has also confirmed that the first ever GMC HummerEV was built based on the GM’s new BEV3 modular EV platform. The BeV3 represents the highly flexible third generation electric vehicle architecture and is suitable for multiple vehicle production ranging from SUVs, pickup trucks, and other varieties of subcompact cars.

The following are some features which the upcoming GM car in UAE is going to feature:

  • The car will be equipped with Ultium, which is the revolutionary car battery manufactured by the brand is said to last up to 1.6million miles till its reliability and power starts declining. This is not the capacity of the battery from a single charge which is mistakenly believed by many buyers.
  • The battery will give approximately 400miles or 644 km running capacity from a single charge. The electronic motor pairing with the battery can let you drive in several modes like front, rear and all-wheels drive.
  • The car will further feature a jaw dropping 15,591nm torque.
  • The production of the upcoming GMC HummerEV will coincide with its debut which is due next month. The vehicle is one of the most highly anticipated launches in the upcoming months.

Overall the car is expected to be one of the top notch vehicles in the region once it is being launched.

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